The Managing Director

Ms. Tonyong Worasilpchai or Ms. Aey is the Managing Director and the owner of the U Smile Photo, Co. Ltd. She’s been managing the business since she started the operation 16 years ago. As the Managing Director, she’s very hands-on in the business making sure that everyone will deliver the output on the given date, hand in hand towards excellence in delivering quality of products and services.
Meet our Managing Director Khun Aey.

Ms. Tonyong (Aey) Worasilpchai
(Managing Director)




The Administration Team

The Administration Team is the backbone of the company. The support that their extending to the Operation, Photography and Production is exemplary. The Administration is headed by Ms. Nanthawan Peerawattuk (left) or Khun Jeab who’s been working with U Smile for more than 10 years now. She is assisted by Ms. Jun, the Administration Assistant. To provide the necessary supports to everyone is the end goal of this section.
Meet our Administration Team.

Ms. Nanthawan (Jeab) Peerawattuk
(Head of Administration)
Ms. Jantanee (Jun) Mala
(Administration Assistant)
Ms. Nicha (View) Kaewphoosit
(Administration Assistant)




The Operation Team

The operation team is doing a big role in U Smile. They are the last person in-charge after all the enhancement from the Production Team. They will start making some personalized stuff to packaging and delivery. The team is composed of Production Premium, Packaging and Messengers. This team is headed by an ever loyal U Smile staff whose been working in the company for more than 10 years now, he is Mr. Nopporn Pajchakiew or Khun Nop. Khun Nop is in-charge also of the accounting matters and serves as the purchasing officer of the company.
Meet our Operation Team.

Mr. Nopporn (Nop) Pajchakiew
(Head of Operation)
Ms. Kanwara (Aor) Chancharoen
Ms. Nulak (Nhu) Khamsuk
Ms. Kamonrat (Ameena) Mungin
Mr. Charoen (Nun) Thitnun


Mr. Paiwan (Wan) Jumprabuth
Mr. Pongrat (Moo) Kaewprasert
Mr. Thiranai (Art) Tumwongkan
Mr. Sowpan (Pond)Hlaing
(Golf Car Driver)




The Photography Team

U Smile is pleased to introduce to you our Photography Team. This is a group of a professional photographers who is passionate in their chosen field. One goal towards excellence in capturing and creating memories for you. Our photography team is guided by our motto, In U Smile: Your Image is our Focus. Making sure to provide the highest quality of service.

The Team is composed of professional Photographers, Assistants to Photographer and Data Encoders.
Mr. Peerapol Samransuktiwawet or P’Kong for short is the head of the team who’s been working in U Smile for more than ten years now.
Meet our Photography Team.

Mr. Peerapol (Kong) Samransuktuwawet
(Head of Photography)
Mr. Surasak (Tum) Taisang
Mr. Samrit (Rit) Klinnimnuan
Mr. Yahya (Rung) Nisani
5. Mr. Eakkapon (Pae) Makawong


Mr. Soranat (Oat) Chootren
(Assistant to Photographer)
Ms. Pichaya (Praew) Sanitphol
(Assistant to Photographer)
Ms. Napatsara (Praew) Chaowalit
(Assistant to Photographer)
9. Mr. Narongsit (King) Saenson
(Assistant to Photographer)


Freelance Photographer





The Production Team

Do you want to know the people behind your enhanced stunning photos? These are the people under the Production Team. The team is composed of the Photo Editors and Graphic Designers. The team is headed by Ms. Narumon Butdee or Ms. Oui, a graduate of Advertising in one of the prestigious schools in Thailand. The team is in-charge for enhancing, editing and retouching the photos to make it more pleasing in the eyes of the people seeing it. To create a good memory from the photos enhanced by this team is always their end goal.
Meet our Production Team.

Ms. Narumon (Oui) Butdee
(Head of Production)
Mr. Nontawat (Non) Thaidee
(Photo Editor)
Mr. Chananon (Dee) Chaysri
(Photo Editor)
Mr. Ekkaphol (Prite) Faesanthia
(Photo Editor)


Mr. Anuwat (Keng) Boonme
(Photo Editor)
Ms. Bongkotphorn (Fha) Hunaworn
(Photo Editor)
Mr. Wanchalern (Dew) Prasong
(Photo Editor)

The Marketing Team

The Marketing Team is responsible in presenting the company, the products and services, the proposals and the contract for School Photography. The team is also in-charge of planning and development, creating policies for implementations. The team is headed by the Managing Director Ms. Aey and with the assistance of Mr. Anthony Soto, the Senior Marketing Officer of U Smile. The team is also supported by Ms. Dew the Senior Project Coordinator and Ms. Namtan, a Project Coordinator.
Meet our Marketing Team.

Mr. Anthony G. Soto
(Senior Marketing Officer)

The Customer Service Team

“Hello, this U Smile, how can I help you?” This is the usual line that you will hear from the people behind Customer Service Section. To serve you is always their goal at the end of the day. This section is headed by Ms. Nanthawan (Jeab) Peerawattuk. These are the people who will welcome you once you walk in and book for our office studio. If you want to put your orders and book a photo shoot, just call directly our friendly Customer Service Representatives.
Meet our Customer Service Team.

Ms. Nanthawan (Jeab) Peerawattuk
(OIC-Head of Administration)

Project Coordinator Team

The Project Coordinator Section is headed by Ms. Doungthip (Dew) Oonlamoon, the Senior Project Coordinator with the assistance of Ms. Namtan Tantisoonthonchai and Ms. Pimlada (Pim) Jantawee . They are in-charge of every project throughout the duration of the photo shoot. They brief all the staff in-charge for the shoot, the photographer and the assistants to photographer. Should there be concerns in every school, they also attend to answer.
Meet our Project Coordinator Team.

Ms. Doungthip (Dew) Oonlamoon
(Senior Project Coordinator)
Ms. Namtan Tantisoonthonchai
(Project Coordinator)
Ms. Pimlada (Pim) Jantawee
(Project Coordinator)